About this site, etc.

You may be wondering where the name Andoutay came from (or you very well may be one of those people who is content accepting anything and everything as it is. For those people, I quote Taylor Mali: "Despite the wisdom of the bumper sticker, it's not enough to simply question authority. You've gotta speak with it too.")

At any rate, if you are wondering, the name was pulled out of thin air by yours truly several years back (probably in 2006 or so). I just put three syllables together, and two of them happened to be existing words, albeit words that one will rarely see next to each other.

For those of you wondering how to actually pronounce it, it's pronounced "an - DOW - tay" (last syllable rhymes with hay, capitalization indicates stressed syllable)

The Site Itself

This site is maintained and partially written by yours truly. It uses the gpEasy CMS to give it a shine that yours truly does not have time to hand-code. I wrote a website from scratch once, and it used to be hosted here, but the website at that location has since been completely redesigned. You can find examples of what it looked like using the Wayback Machine. Look around 2014 for when it was at its prime (many images may be unfortunately missing).

The Webmaster

Said webmaster, yours truly, is a Software Developer at Amazon with a degree from Colorado Mesa University where he studied Computer Science with a minor in Music. He received his high school diploma from Tara Performing Arts High School and went to Elementary/Middle School at Shining Mountain Waldorf School.

You can always contact him by emailing