If you have watched any of the videos on the Productions page, you may have noticed I composed the music for some of them. I play the piano and sing, and I occasionally play around on the guitar, violin, and trumpet. I am also quite a proficient recorder player.


I am currently working on both a Mass and a Symphony, both of which may never be finished since as a college student I no longer have any time to work on them. I have composed a few pieces for the piano, which are fairly New Age in quality, and have written two pieces for handbells.

Handbells and Arrangement

As stated above, I have written two pieces for handbells, one of which is a New Age-esque original composition and the other of which is an original composition intended to be played at Christmas.

In addition to composing for handbells, I have arranged a piece from an old DCTC production of A Christmas Carol for handbells. I have also arranged a selection of songs from Pirates of the Caribbean for handbells (download), and have been commissioned by Tara Performing Arts High School to arrange Star Wars for handbells as well.