Minecraft Plugins


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AdminTime allows admins to switch in and out of an Admining state and allows them to resume where they left off when done admining. It can give players in admin mode special permissions to better help them admin and if allowed in the config, it can give them god mode and the ability to fly!


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A handy plugin for keeping track of who's who. With Essentials, you can assign players nicknames, but commands often don't know how to work with nicknames. NameRetriever allows you to easily tell what players have what nickname and vice versa. It adds a handy status indicator to Essential's /realname command if enabled in the config. Perhaps the most useful feature of all is its ability to tell other plugins what someone's real name is. You can specify commands in the config and it will replace the first argument of the command with a matching minecraft username for the nickname typed in.

NameRetriever now has its own API so developers of other plugins can quickly access real names and nicknames of players without writing tedious extra code


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A plugin that ties in with ChestShop to quickly give the user a list of any chests they have that are out of stock. It uses an efficient logging system to keep track of out-of-stock chests and supports PermissionsBukkit and other permissions plugins that tie into Bukkit's built-in permissions API.


A simple plugin that allows users with permissions to get their coordinates or the coordinates of another player and which world they are in. It is usable from the console, and it has support for permissions, as well as OP/not OP. The functionality of this plugin is completely covered by the /whois command of Essentials

Macintosh Plugins

TextScreen — In Progress

A screen saver designed to be similar to the built in screen saver on Windows with editable text that bounces around the screen. It is very customizable, from the Font (any installed fonts are available) it uses to the size of the text and the speed at which it travels across the screen.

It is almost complete, though it has not been tested on pre-10.7 versions of Mac OS X, and is not intended to work on versions prior to 10.6

editWith — Planning stage

editWith is a Mac OS X Finder plugin that will add a menu item to the contextual (right-click) menu allowing the user to edit files with their favorite text editor. Still in the planning stage, a viable method to write a Finder plugin in still being researched. Most likely, the plugin will use something similar to the code injection used by Dropbox. It will be customizable – the user will be able to select their favorite text editor, which will show up by default in the contextual menu, but the other text editors on the user's system will only be a submenu away.

editWith will make it easier for developers and other computer experts to easily edit any plain text file (including source code and other non .txt files) even if the file extension is not recognized by any application on the system. It is a takeoff on the built-in Windows feature, but will be more customizable.